Dealing with problems and making a complaint

We endeavor to ensure everyone’s experiences at South Featherston School are positive, enjoyable, and educational, but on occasion problems may occur.  The school’s Principal and Board of Trustees encourage you to raise any issue with us as soon as possible so that we can work together with you in order to enable a positive solution for all. If you have a concern to do with our school, please try the following:

  • In the first instance, if you have a concern with your child and their learning, please make contact with your child’s teacher.  This should preferably be organised for a time that suits you both, either before or after school – an appointment can then be made to ensure adequate time is given to any further discussion.
  • Following this first contact, if you feel that it may be necessary, please raise your concern with our Principal, Tana Klaricich.  Often she is available to meet without an appointment, but it may be a good idea to contact her first to make a specific time to meet.
  • If you wish to raise a concern about the school with the Board, please do so via the Chair of the Board, who’s contact details are available through the school office.
  • If you wish to make a formal complaint to the school, either to the Principal or to the Chair of the Board, please do so in writing. Please include the phrase: “I wish to make a complaint to the School” in your letter, so that it is clear to us that you are making a complaint. Complaints raised with the Chair of the Board will be discussed as soon as possible at the next board meeting.