South Featherston School is proud of our ongoing achievement in the area of sustainability and environmental awareness.  Within the NZ Enviroschool network, we presently sit at Bronze status on our ‘enviro journey’, but through the hardwork of our children and teachers, we are on track to end the year closer to our eventual goal of Green Gold status.  We are practically a zero-waste school now, recycling almost anything and everything.  We also collect all our food scraps to give to our neighbour’s pigs and chooks!  In the past year, our students have completed mini inquiries into the development of bird feeders and native planting, which could attract more native birds to our school environment.  Our students took part in the Whitebait Connection programme for the Wairarapa Moana, with assistance from DoC and the local Enviroschool network, and designed and erected signage to encourage visitors to the Moana to be more aware of their impact on our local wetland birds.  SFS and the Wairarapa Moana wetland birds protection signs

Our present school-wide inquiry is based around the statement: “My rubbish doesn’t affect the environment” which began in Term 3 with a bus trip to Lake Ferry, and the collection and audit of waste found along the shore.  It had a big impact on our student and have challenged their thoughts and attitudes to what happens to the rubbish that we accumulate and throw away every day.

Our three school Enviro leaders work in conjunction with the leaders from both St Theresa’s and Featherston Schools, along with our own Mr Peter Hull as Lead Teacher, to research and organise Featherston district enviromentally-focussed activities which will benefit our whole community in and around Featherston.  Examples of these have been the Donald’s Creek planting, a presentation to the Featherston Community Board, attending a Tracking and Trapping workshop and setting these up around our schools.  We have ‘weta hotels’ which have been given to us by secondary school students who made them in their tech classes.