About Us

South Featherston School is a small and supportive learning community.  Each of our classrooms cross a number of year groups, which means that our children socialise well with those other than their own.  Our older children are encouraged to look after our younger ones, taking on roles of responsibilities and leadership, and providing excellent role models.  Learning groups within individual curriculum subjects are tailored to ability rather than year group, allowing children to learn at their own pace and level.  We ensure individualised learning pathways for all.

An advantage of our small school is that our staff, both teaching and support, know all of our children well. The old adage that “It takes a village to raise a child” is certainly a reality here!  Another advantage is that we can offer so much more to every child, focusing on their individual interests, and enabling access to many exciting extra-curricular activities.  Events such as NYLD (National Young Leaders’ Day) EPro8 technology challenges, chess tournaments, The Science Roadshow, music concerts and many more can be attended by most, if not all children rather than a percentage of our roll.

Our children are proud of their achievements and recognise that although we may not number many, we all strive for excellence . . .   We think that the comment made by one of our 6 year old girls recently says it all . . .

“We’re a SMALL school doing BIG things!”

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Our 2021 Teaching Staff

Principal: Mrs Tana Klaricich

Room 1 Junior Room Teachers (New Entrants – Y2):  Mrs Anna Hull and Mrs Philippa Young (Fixed Term for 2021)

Room 2 Middle Room Teacher (Years 2-4): Mrs Ronel Johansson

Room 3 Senior Room Teacher (Years 5-8): Mr Ned Worboys

Our 2021 Support Staff

Office Manager: Jo Dennis

Learning Support: Gina Roberts