Sun smart policy

  • All children have to wear school hats and sunblock when involved in outdoor activities (e.g. playtime, sports trips, and camps). The school hat is a part of the uniform to be purchased upon entry to school.
  • Staff will act as role models by employing appropriate sun protective behaviour for summer outdoor activities (i.e. wearing sunhats, seeking shade).
  • Children will eat their lunch under shaded areas with teacher supervision.
  • SPF 15+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen will be available for staff and children and its use encouraged, especially in days of high risk. Parents are encouraged to put sunscreen on their own children before school.
  • Where possible outdoor activities and sports will be scheduled for the mornings during summer months.
  • The Sun Protection Procedure will be reinforced in a positive way through the school newsletters and the health programme that promotes melanoma awareness.