People on the South Featherston School Board of Trustees

    • Tana Klaricich (Principal)
    •        Jo Dennis (Staff Trustee)
    •        Chris Miller (Chair)
    •        Callum Lord (Parent Trustee)
    •        Damon Ashworth (Parent Trustee)
    •        Pete Hull (Parent Trustee)
    •        Liz Millar (LSM)

The work of the Board

The Board of Trustees is responsible for seven key work areas, which are:

    • development and ongoing review of the school charter.
    • monitoring and reviewing the school’s progress.
    • putting in place a policy framework.
    • employing the principal.
    • managing assets.
    • ensuring the school’s legal compliance.
    • implementing the National Education Guidelines.

For more information about the roles, responsibilities and legal obligations of the board, please visit the websites for the Ministry of Education or the New Zealand School Trustees Association.

The role of the Board vs the role of the Principal

It can sometimes be a little difficult to tell what is the board’s responsible and what is the responsibility of the principal of the school.  Very generally, the Board is responsible for governance of the school (setting and overseeing the broad direction of the school), while the Principal is responsible for the everyday running of the school.  This means, for example, that the Principal is responsible for the day-to-day running of educational activities in the school, management of children’s behaviour, and line-management and development of the school staff.  The Board is not directly involved in these activities, and instead monitors the school’s performance and oversees management of the school.

How to contact the board

To contact the board: email to Att: Chris Miller.  It is important that all questions, queries and comments to the board go via the Chair so that we can communicate with you in a consistent manner.

Board meetings

The board usually meets monthly during the school year, typically on a Wednesday evening, at 6.00pm.  Notification of these meetings will be in school newsletters. Members of both the school community and the general public are welcome to attend board meetings.  On rare occasions, the board may need to move ‘into committee’, which means that the public will be asked to leave the meeting in order for the board to discuss confidential matters.

If you attend a board meeting, you are welcome to listen to the discussion, but are not able to vote on matters arising or discuss issues with the board unless asked to do so.  If you wish to raise an item for discussion at a board meeting, you are encouraged to do so by putting it in writing to be included in the agenda for the next meeting.  Usually the agenda for a board meeting is set one week before each meeting.  If you raise an agenda item late, it will be postponed for discussion until the following month’s meeting.

Minutes from board meetings

Minutes from all previous meetings of the board are held in the office at South Featherston School, and are open to the general public.